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The TSDP Army Starter Badge
The Sissy Dressing Parlour

What is the TSDP Army?

Simply put, it's the TSDP Army is the exclusive personal sissy army of your favourite Fairy Godmother, Queen Morningstar.

Much like the Girl Scouts, cadettes have a uniform and earn badges by completing a number of training and demonstration exercises mischievously crafted by Queen Morningstar.

The TDSP Army isn’t just a moment in life, it’s a movement dedicated to building the courage, confidence, and satisfaction in life for those sissies who just want to make the world a better place.

The TSDP Army Uniform

Best foot forward...

The Parlour enforces a strict dress code for cadettes for many reasons. Firstly, we all know how catty some cadettes can be about the clothing choices of others (not naming names!) and we can do without that kind of behaviour. Secondly, each cadette is a representative of the Parlour and we have to ensure we maintain high standards at all times. And finally... because it's a really cute outfit!

Hand picked by Queen Morningstar, the uniform is your first step towards a brighter, pinker and more fabulous future.

TSDP Army Mannequin

TSDP Activity Badges

Gotta catch 'em all...

Being a cadette in the TDSP Army is not just about looking cute... it's about being the best! KinkAkela has designed many training programmes and activities to make sure Her cadettes are renowned throughout the land.

Badges range from posture and etiquette, to skills training, to life changing accomplishments.

No-one said it would be easy... but there will be a LOT of fun in the process!


The TSDP Army Leader

This is for those naughty girls who like to dress and play. The kinky sissification package allows for the same fully fabulous transformation, images with the addition of kinky play within the Parlour. Kinky play includes some of the following; sissy bondage predicaments, safe exposure, naughty girls finishing school training and images can be taken of you in action.

Queen Morningstar @ The Sissy Dressing Parlour
The SIssy Dressing Parlour on Our Home

All Our Bases...

Our online home...

Each cadette signed up to the TDSP Army is granted access to our restricted corner on the 'Our Home' app, where all our training programs and tasks are kept. This gives you direct access to KinkAkela, allowing her to check on your progress daily and give out rewards and treats to high performing cadettes.

Showing out...

Membership has it's perks!

Naturally cadettes will be the first on the guest list for any TSDP event, but as a high performing cadette you will also be top of the shortlist to join KinkAkela for social events, magazine photoshoots, secret parties, filming and more...

Darkside Magazine spread with Queen Morningstar and Jessie Bunni
Sissy Army Poster

So, do you have what it takes?

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Enlist for the TSDP Army today!

TSDP Army Cadette Sign Up

If you would like to be a cadette in the TSDP Army simply complete the registration form below. Should your application be accepted you will hear from the Queen on how to proceed. Please be honest and accurate with your answers, demonstrating good spelling and grammar throughout.

All cadettes must promise (check boxes) to honour and obey the TSDP Army laws...
Please fill in your contact details...
We need your sizes for your uniform, please complete the following fields accurately.
Not every applicant is accepted into the TSDP Army, only serious cadettes with the proper ambition and drive to be the best will make it....
And finally, which badges do you most aspire to earn?
Well done if you have managed to get this far. While some of you may have just been filling this in as a fantasy, please note the TSDP Army is real - with the ambition to train girls who truly wish to live out the life they truly crave. The training program, while tough, has been designed to be both rewarding AND a lot of fun for all involved.

Successful applicants first step will be to purchase the TSDP Army uniform, hand picked by KinkAkela so please do not complete an application if you have no intention to do so.

A TSDP Army is a natural extension to the ethos of the Parlour. We are a kink positive organisation dedicated to living and enjoying life to the fullest in a friendly and non judgemental environment.

No intolerance, no exceptions.

If you feel you will make a good cadette, please check the box below, and submit your application.
Are you ready to be all that you can be?


You have taken your first step. KinkAkela will review your application and if successful, you shall hear from her shortly.
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