Meet your

Sissy Fairy Godmother

The mischievous minx and Owner of The Sissy Dressing Parlour

Who Is The Sissy Fairy Godmother?

The Sissy Fairy Godmother is the Dominatrix and fetish model Queen Morningstar. She’s the best girl-friend you’ve always dreamt of, the naughty sister who corrupts you into femininity and the mother who nurtures your soul, accepts you unconditionally and encourages you to live out your dreams.

Queen Morningstar is all of these powerful female influences wrapped in a bow. This is why she has been named the Sissy Fairy Godmother; not only does she understand sissification but she also adores it herself.

There’s much more to sissification than a dominatrix simply throwing a wig and a bit of lipstick on a man. There is a mindset, attitude and bond that must also be present for a Dominatrix to help grow the soul and ego of a sissy.

Your Sissy Fairy Godmother Queen Morningstar
Your Sissy Fairy Godmother Queen Morningstar

Why Did Queen Morningstar Gravitate Towards Sissification?

Queen Morningstar isn’t the typical dominatrix, whilst she does have a love for chains and dark fantasies, ultimately, she’s a glamour girl and prefers the finer, more pink and cute things in life. Being a glamour girl herself, she loves sissification as it’s a more extreme version of femininity. Also, all cute girly girls love playing dress-up with dollies. Why wouldn’t a cute glamour girl aspire for anything more than her very own life-sized dolls to play with?

Queen Morningstar holds a high level of self-discipline when it comes to posture, diet, exercise and etiquette. Queen Morningstar learnt these practices from an early age, being guided and taught by her grandmother – a very glamorous, high-class model and figure skater. Being produce of such a graceful woman, Queen Morningstar naturally followed suit and learnt further practices in grace, mannerism, and most importantly, posture from many years of ballet.

Having these early lessons in feminine traits and learning how one holds themselves correctly and with grace, helped Queen Morningstar a tremendous amount in later life; standing her in good stead when carving a successful career as an international glamour model.

With posture close to Queen Morningstar’s heart and the echos of her grandmother’s teachings running through her mind -“lazy girls slouch”. Queen Morningstar naturally gravitated towards steel boned waist training. She is an avid regular trainer herself and a leading authority in the practices of steel boned waist training for beginners. Such form of body modification and extreme sacrifices in the name of posture and true feminine traits (which unfortunately aren’t as customary as they used to be) require true determination, motivation and discipline to stay on task even when the road is rough. The same can be said for many, if not most areas of sissification. When one changes their natural masculine state and replaces it for a softer feminine one. It is an aggressive form of physical and mental body modification. Holding these skills and understanding the mindset makes Queen Morningstar the perfect disciplinarian capable of teaching you to be the delicate convincing lady or trash girl that you desire to be.