May 16, 2021

The Sissy Beauty Pageant

Last month the Sissy Dressing Parlour had great fun hosting a sissy beauty pageant on our Twitter page. If you don’t already follow our fun and shenanigans, you should, our account is @SissyParlour.

We were looking for the Best Sissy Maid, Best Sissy Bimbo, Best GG Likeness and the Best Sissy Slave Girl. Unfortunately, some silly being decided to report the announcement and crowning image of one of our winners resulting in our account being placed on the naughty step by the Twitter police, this cut our crowing ceremony short.

Although, to embrace, celebrate and thank all of the girls for their entries, participation and support, we have written this post here to showcase their beauty and celebrate them for the beautiful creative souls that they are.


The very stunning Claudia. Go follow her on Twitter (@ClaudiaTylerMae) to check out more of her stunning snaps.


The very Sweet Kelly is crowned as Best Sissy Maid. Not only does she make great eye candy whilst completing cleaning chores but she’s so subservient that she will clean anything presented to her, if you know what I mean – wink wink.

See more of her and her “cleaning” tasks on her Twitter, @kellyukslut


Now, if you don’t have to look twice, like I did, I’ll be amazed.

Deservingly crowned Best GG Likeness is the gorgeous Annabel Kitten Grey. You can see much more of her on her Twitter @annabelgrey23


Candy, spice and all things nice is exactly what April is made of. Isn’t she just darling?

You can see more of April’s slaying styles on her Twitter @aprilshowers_cd

We really enjoyed hosting this little competition. If you ask me, there aren’t enough beauty pageants or events solely for CD’s, TV’s and sissies. Thats why here at the Parlour we pledge to host many more. After all, you girls are the master of looks and have wardrobes that would put most of us to shame. So, lets embrace those slaying outfits, styles and looks and give good reason to glam up.

Once again, congratulations to the crowned girls and a massive thanks to all that entered and Taboo Brighton for supplying us with prizes fit for the girls.