May 18, 2021

The same fabulous content but much more sleek.

Hello Girlies,

Over the years, I've been complimented on the beauty and simplicity of The Sissy Dressing Parlour's website. Together, with my fantastic pink helper, we have taken that same level of content but made it much more sleek, simplistic and stunning as ever. Thus making it all the more easy to keep you entertained in the pink electronic Queendom for hours on end. Hopefully you'll enjoy looking around the new glossy pages and will sign up to the mailing list so that you can keep up on Sissy Siren News - you know, the fun stuff like our annual parties etc, the really important things in which every sissy must be informed on!

You'll no doubt notice new additions to the website too. Such as the TSDP Army page. This is something which has been in the making for many years and I'm utterly excited to finally enchant your sissy eyes with such delights. I believe that the TSDP Army is the very first of it's kind. Bringing together all of the principles I aspire for the Parlour and all who enter. That being, unity, through and kinky training, obedience, a belonging and home for girls, fabulous sissy fashion and of course Parlour Bunny mentors. All of the above and much more such as weekly and monthly training regimes are formulated into this one fabulous concept. A concept driven by a passionate thought of mine. That being, walking into a fetish club with many stunning, obedient sissies all dressed in immaculate sissy uniform and highlighting the skills in which they hold on a sash. Gosh, can you imagine such a glorious scene, or being part of that entourage? A tantalising thought which need not just be a mere thought but can manifest into reality, regardless as to where you are located in the world. I aspire to have a Sissy Army Mascot in every country and state within the world. Check out the page if you haven't already. You'll have an amazing time browsing it, looking at the uniform and the unique selected of badge which can be earned over time.

In other news, if you've been tempted to visit me but not as yet made the first brave step to doing so, I have availability from June. So, you'll be able to materialise those desires and fantasies you've been dreaming of. That being, sitting in my chair, being transformed to the high unmistakable quality and allowing for your sissy dreams and fantasies to play out in front of your very eyes. Please note that I only take bookings via the booking form located here on the website and not via Direct Message on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy looking around as much as I do. Although, I envisage you'll enjoy it much more as even the website gives you a glimpse into sissy heaven.