May 16, 2021

The first ever Parlour party!

Wow, what a bloody blast we had at the first ever Sissy Dressing Parlour party. I just wanted to thank the girls who came, who enjoyed their time and helped to make parties possible.

The party really was everything I had aspired for it to be; which was a fun social event. An opportunity for you girls to dress as your sissy egos and have fun with other like-minded girls like you. I know all too well that these opportunities don’t present themselves too often and therefore I was very proud to be able to make this happen. I aspire to host many more in the future and allow for the Parlour parties to grow and become major events that we all look forward to and anticipate.

“Never did I think the sentence “I’m Q Hefner, the Playboy Daddy” would roll off my tongue…”

I was also absolutely made up for the chance to dress as Q Hefner and have some bunnies on my arm. Never did I think the sentence “I’m Q Hefner, the Playboy Daddy” would roll off my tongue but I tell you, it did and with great pride……to the man in the petrol station when he asked me what my outfit was haha.

I have to make mention to the bravery of all who attended. To each and every one of you, I’m proud of you, so very proud of your courage to dress for the first time in front of both one another and our butler. I’m sure your all proud of yourselves too and have made some friends along the way too.

I have to confess, part of the reason I hired the butler in the buff was not only to provide great eye candy for you girls but to push you out of your comfort zones. To watch and analyse how you all behaved, and your anticipated discomfort being dressed in front of an alpha male and the extraordinary twist of event with him serving you drinks whilst wearing a pinafore instead of you being the serving maid. Alas, you all proved me wrong. There was no awkwardness to watch in this situation. All I saw was a load of girls, sitting round, chatting, drinking and having a blast.

Hats off to you all and I can’t wait to see what the near future brings.