May 16, 2021

Five Guys

(Bunni blog by Jessie Bunni...)

Last week the Halloween party was so delightful, during the fun and games with the hunky Butler in the Buff a few cheeky confessions came to light, I’ll keep all of theirs secret amongst the cosy group of girls and of course our divine Hostess Queen Morningstar, but as requested by Goddess here’s my naughty little boy confession.

It was early last spring, I was bored and horny, surfing around on Grindr one evening (other apps are available by the way), when I received a polite message from an older Dominant Gentleman asking if I’d like to come over and join Him and His sub for the evening. We exchanged messages back and forth, He was polite at all times and was clear with His requests such as referring to Him only as Sir and even shared pics of His of adequately equipped playroom, I was won over at the chance to play in His “Dungeon” with Him and His sub. I made myself look pretty under my boy clothes, wearing red panties and crop top as requested then headed over to His place (a very short walk from my own home). I settled my nerves and knocked on the door He answered promptly, wearing loose yoga type trousers and a shirt, I was quickly invited in and told to kneel as the door closed behind me, I knelt whilst Sir gave me a quick inspection, complementing my panties and bottom, before leading me into His Playroom. At this point I assumed it would just be the two of us but as I entered the room on all fours I noticed another man sat in the corner of the room wearing leather trousers and a collar with a very vague empty look on his face – like seriously his face remained completely emotionless the whole evening it was like he looked right through me lol. Anyway, I tried not to be put off or weirded out, after all we all have our own kinks I’m not here to poke fun or shame in anyway, but it did seem a bit odd. We talked while I knelt there for a few minutes before Sir suddenly suggested that we go for a little drive for some “outdoor fun” I believe that was His term lol. I knew when He said where we were going that we were heading for a fairy well known dogging/cruising spot just on the edge of Bristol. I’d never been before but the exhibitionist in me had always fancied it a bit (I know I’m a slut, right?)

We got into their car, and as I buckled my seat belt I couldn’t help but have a mini panic over whether this was actually a good idea, sat in the back of a pair of strangers’ car, heading off the woods, this could’ve been a completely different kind of story…

“I did as I was told and knelt in my red lace panties as he pulled his ample cock out and gestured for me to start sucking…”

(Side note: I ALWAYS leave a note explaining where I’m going etc in a safe spot or make someone aware of what I’m up to for safety)

Luckily though, we arrived safely at the woods, Sir and I got out as his sub parked the car. Together, we headed into the woods, I had butterflies in my stomach trying to work out what Sir had in mind and praying that we wouldn’t get caught doing it. We didn’t get very far when Sir said we had come far enough and I should take my trousers off and get on my knees. I did as I was told and knelt in my red lace panties as he pulled his ample cock out and gestured for me to start sucking. I sucked on His cock and as it got hard I noticed his sub had re-joined us (still looking vague and emotionless though. If he hadn’t of drove I would’ve thought that he’d been drugged) The woods weren’t too dense and as I sucked Sirs cock he looked down and said “I hope you don’t mind a couple of others joining in” as I looked up there were two complete strangers with their cocks in their hands watching just feet away. When Sir noticed I hadn’t shied away at all He beckoned them over, looked back down at me and said “show me what a good little slut you are, impress me” I knew he wanted me to suck them off too, so I got straight to it; eagerly wanking one whilst I licked and sucked the other off. Sir watched me servicing the strangers whilst His sub sucked Him off.

I must have lost my mind due to cock lust as all of a sudden, there was a group of guys with their dicks out surrounding me, I felt so horny and exposed I remember Sir smiling at me whilst these five random guys took turns putting their cocks in my warm wet mouth. I felt cheap and like a slut it was so exhilarating. I loved it even though Sir wouldn’t let any of them fuck me, I know He could tell I wanted it, but He insisted that was not how I was to serve Him until He’d had had me himself.

I must have been in the woods for quite a while as it was beginning to get dark and the small crowd slowly dispersed back into the woods like shadows. We left, and Sir took me back to His where I was rewarded for my good behaviour with what I’d been waiting for all day.

I haven’t met up with them since, for a few reasons, but I still occasionally see the sub around. He never acknowledges me and still has that strange vague look every time I see him.

Jessie Bunni XOX