May 16, 2021

A chance to come out of the shadows

The issue isn’t that you have never been to a kink party but instead the fun you will have. Have you ever been in a room full of people who are just like you, who think like you do and accept you for your true self?

Being a sissy or CD, I imagine you are yet to experience such a liberating experience as typically most sissies are forced to hide their feminine selves in the shadows.

Although, hiding in the shadows is no fun is it?

Spending all of that time and effort doing your makeup and getting dressed up with no place to go and nobody to enjoy your efforts. A frustrating feeling you know all too well. I mean, yeah, you may have snapped a cute image or two but that doesn’t feed what you aimed dressing up to feed did it?

You feel bored and frustrated every time you dress, snap and then are forced to wash it all off, pop back into your boy attire and attempt to gain some form of ‘fun’ from the attention which you might achieve from the images.

Can you imagine how proud you will feel of yourself for taking that risk to come along?

You know, you can use those anxious butterflies and feelings of doubt that you’re feeling as a tail wind. Those feelings can help you to take steps into liberating your life and enjoying the things you really enjoy.

You see, there is a little secret I will let you in on…

I see many girls just like you and they all tell me they feel butterflies when thinking about taking risks, going out dressed up, enjoying themselves in their feminine ways. Yet, these ideas are something they live and breathe within their minds whilst they fantasise about it.

You see, what if those butterflies are not warnings to hold you back from the fun that you crave (although, the part of you which has been manipulated into being a ‘man’ will try to convince you otherwise with nagging thoughts, fears and anxieties) but instead those butterflies are your soul urging you with excitement by the very thought of your kinky side being let free to see the light of day and emerge from that lonely dull room.

That’s how such feelings, admittedly they’re confusing feelings, can be harnessed. If you feel those anxious butterflies about something you should go for it because it’s what you truly crave and desire.

Imagine after the party all of those memories you will have to enrich the kink part of your mind and feed your soul? That’s not to mention the new-found friends who enjoy all of the things you do that you’re bound to make. Gosh, can you imagine?

In reality, you can go much further than imagining. You have the power to experience such things both here and now. There are only two months left of this DECADE. Let that sink in, this DECADE!

Take that risk, buy that outfit and come and have the night of your life partying with the darling girls of the Sissy Parlour and myself.

There are only a few tickets left, don’t allow those anxieties to linger around for too long because before you know it the tickets will be gone and your chance to start the next decade having done something to feed your kinky soul will be gone with it.

Event Happened already!