Dare you venture...

Inside the Parlour

Queen Morningstar's little slice of sissy heaven.

The Sissy Dressing Parlour in Brighton

Why Queen Morningstar Set Up The Sissy Dressing Parlour:

When a girly girl can step into the dark world of domination armed with baby pink floggers, whips and canes truly fabulous things happen. The Sissy Dressing Parlour is just that, a fabulous thing to happen. Queen Morningstar has taken the principles of a standard CD parlour and collides these with a BDSM play space to carve out her very own dreamland. Everything is pink, glittery, flowers, frill and fur. She can play with her dollies in the safe space of the parlour and mix together her skills of makeup, style, feminine training and the darker practices of BDSM. Of course, the darker practices are always administered by a pink polished hand and with the innocent-looking cute instruments.

Queen Morningstar loves the entire sissification process from the dressing to the naughty antics and attitudes of her girls. As she understands the sissy scene in great depth, she has been able to fine-tune the BDSM play space to mirror their every desire and need.

Queen Morningstar @ The Sissy Dressing Parlour

The Kinky Play That Queen Morningstar Enjoys In The Parlour:

Well, training and transformations are always enjoyed. Queen Morningstar has set up a naughtier version of training for the girls who like to please others. She will teach you how to flirt, be sexy, be sassy, be shy and innocent for daddy and the acts that you need to master in order to play with boys and body modification that you need to hold in order to please daddy.

Queen Morningstar likes corporal punishment and correction, all sentencing will be carried out either by way of spanking over her knee. Lashings with a pink flogger or cane. Or, chores whilst under her watchful eye and ear as you will be restricted with jingle bell cuffs.

Queen Morningstar loves sissy bondage predicament and of course, carries such predicaments out with baby pink rope and instruments. She has designed many possibilities within the parlour to raise the level of predicament with potential sissy exposure.

Chastity and sissification come hand in hand. Queen Morningstar has a love for chastity and particularly enjoys holding the keys of naughty sissy clitties. The Parlour has a range of cages and locks for all to enjoy.

The BDSM Queen Morningstar Enjoys Within Brighton Erotic Boudoir:

Hmmm, well the Brighton Erotic Boudoir is a much heavier BDSM set-up, meaning that darker fantasies can come to life. The boudoir is conveniently located within the same building as The Sissy Dressing Parlour meaning that dressing can be done, and a short discreet walk is all that’s required to get to the darker gothic glamour environment of the boudoir.

Queen Morningstar particularly enjoys using the medical room with sissies to carry out medical procedures on little sissy dolls. She also enjoys the use of the space which includes features such as a gloryhole, holding cells, bondage structure, hooks, chains, fucking machines and many more devious devices that can really ramp up any sissy play.

Queen Morningstar and Brighton Erotic Boudoir
The Sissy Dressing Parlour Gallery