A Day in the Life

For nervous newbies and those who have never visited, read on...

Dressing Day with Queen Morningstar at The Sissy Dressing Parlour

Prior to your visit

The fun of dressing starts long before the day of your appointment. Together, via email, we will discuss what you would like to gain from the day. We will choose your outfit/s too. You can have free choice of the parlour wardrobe. Or, if you own your own selection of clothing that you wish to wear we can discuss this too.

Usually photos are sent of the wardrobe items you own and together we put select an outfit fit for a Queen or a maid, or whatever ego or character you wish to be. For girls who do own their own outfits, I always recommend that they bring them along; reason being I can watch how you put the outfit together and give tips and tricks of how to make your solo dressing a little easier at home. You might be thinking, “I’m fine with my home dressing”, many girls claim this but there are little things that a gen-fem will notice that might not be totally obvious to the naked eye.

Once your outfit ideas and desires have been discussed and established I will begin to think about preparations from my end. Looking at your natural features, thinking how we might make best use of them in dress with things like makeup style, wig colour and wig style. I will always have a fresh washed and bespoke styled wig ready for you upon arrival. I have a beautiful variety and recommend you make use of a pre-styled wig I will prepare for you.

Bringing your own hair is not necessary, but of course if you own your own particularly fabulous or unique style/colour then please bring with you. I’m sure if you do, you will mention!

The day before your visit I will contact you via email in the morning and ask for an appropriate time to call you. Of course, I understand that speaking on the phone needs to be arranged due to its discreet nature.

When a time has been arranged, I will call you to provide you with more details, such as the address. I withhold the parlours address until the day before a confirmed session has been made with deposit paid. Reason for this is again the nature of the establishment, I want it to remain a safe sanction for girls to come and feel safe enough to play and enjoy their time.

We will discuss any anxieties you might have and start to build a deeper friendship with a relaxed chat. I find that this helps with any nerves that might be felt and allows for your session to be enjoyable from start to finish.


What I expect prior to your dressing

I ask that you arrive on the day of your appointment clean and have removed obvious body hair. Nobody wants thick hairy legs underneath luxury nylon stockings, do they? If, you have facial hair that you need to keep, we will discuss this prior to the actual day. There are always ways around such obstacles but ideally a fresh face works best for making you look feminine and flawless.


What to expect on the day of your dressing

You can expect a whole load of fabulous fun! You will be welcomed into the safe haven of The Sissy Dressing Parlour with either a cup of tea or other refreshment. I always like to chat with girls when they arrive before jumping straight into dressing.

We will then look at the outfits we have discussed. I will talk to you about my ideas of how I will dress you and then I will ask that slip into under garments or one of our gowns and sit in the makeup chair. The beauty of pampering fun and girly chats will then start. As I apply your makeup, you will no doubt drift off into a relaxing calm mind-space as my warm hands and soft brush bristles glide over every aspect of your face. I always explain what I’m doing and offer tips and tricks of how you can apply makeup on yourself when dressing solo.

Full transformation makeup and hair takes approximately two hours. Partial makeup time is dependent on what you desire to achieve.

Once you have been transformed and taken a moment to gaze at yourself looking more stunningly fem than you ever have before, the transformation takes on deeper depth with
shapeware and dressing. Once dressed, depending on what appointment you have booked, I will either coach you to pose for photos, engage in kinky play or whatever other devious fun we have arranged beforehand.


After the dressing

You will leave the parlour exactly as you came in – without a single trace of makeup. Unless, of course, you want to go out and slay the ass off Brighton in your fierce warrior paint. I always send a follow up email after a dressing and check in on you. I understand how the low of dressing can take hold once you have been so high and happy in full dress. If we took images, I will also provide these to you. Don’t worry, if you want the images to remain private, that is just how they shall remain. For your eyes only! If you have seen images of the transformations I have done, rest assured, the girls in the images are extrovert divas and adore the attention, they have consented to my use. I will never use your image or discuss any details of your dressing without your consent. Confidentiality is a key foundation of The Sissy Dressing Parlours ethos. So, what are you waiting for?

Book already and come along to play as my life-sized doll.

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