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The Sissy Dressing Parlour is the premier pink and frilly establishment you've been looking for since forever. Filled with more frills and kinky pink toys than you ever imagine the Parlour provides a safe and exciting space for sissies to explore their fantasies without judgement.

For years I had browsed websites for dressing services that would allows me to express myself fully. The Sissy Dressing Parlour did that, and MORE! I cannot thank my Sissy Fairy Godmother more!

~ Andrea k

What more can I say about the Parlour? Kink, pink, frills and naughty toys.... all in the skilled hands of the most wicked Domme imaginable. I am totally addicted!

~ DeviousD

I've visited many dressing services before and while they have been fantastic, they never quite hit the mark when it came to additional playing while dressed. The Sissy Dressing Parlour did.... and then some! A truly mind-blowing experience!

~ Trixie Powederpuff
Silence of the Sissy @ The Sissy Dressing Parlour
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For those looking for more than a one time frill, KinkAkela has created a program designed to guide, train and develop sissy cadettes to be the best they can be.

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